Getting Things Done

of guidance, 1 Corinthians 12:28

This part of the verse has also been translated: government, administration, managers, and leaders. Without these roles in the Church, there would be a lot of chaos. These people are able to bring the talents and gifts of various workers together to get things done. We see that in the business world as well. When a construction project manager pulls together plumbers, concrete workers, builders, metal workers, electricians, plumbers, surveyors, architects, and general laborers, the building gets built. Otherwise, the plumbers will have to contact the metal workers to make sure they can go in and do their jobs. With a small team of managers “directing traffic,” so to speak, the work gets done.

Managers or administrators get the “glory” for a job well done, but they also get the blame when things don’t go well. It comes with the territory. They are always searching for new “tools” to make their jobs easier. If an administrator or a manager is doing his job well, you probably won’t notice it. Some people really love the challenges of figuring out what needs done with being able to manage people effectively. That’s not an easy task at all if you’ve ever worked with people.

Think about those administrators or managers in your church. Perhaps it’s a church secretary or perhaps it’s an associate pastor. Pray for them and their families.

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  1. good morning Dave, how are you doing today?

    I always say an extra prayer as well for those who clean the church or serve cookies and coffee, those that watch the babies, those that hand out programs – all those who fulfill positions that people sometime don’t notice….. 🙂

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