Giving Allegiance

All who worship images are put to shame,
those who boast in idols—worship him, all you gods! Psalm 97:7

Have you met people who boast about their wealth? Their intelligence? Their self-reliance and confidence? Their unique revelations from God?

The lists could go on. We’ve probably met people in all of those categories. The “secular” idols are easier to spot: wealth, looks, intelligence. But when it comes to the spiritual idols, they’re trickier because they come with an implied untouchable characteristic. For instance, I heard a preacher recently talk about how he cannot remember the last time he committed a sin. People were flocking to hear him by the droves. He tours the country talking about his unique perspectives on healing, divine revelation, and “no sin” lifestyle. There were quite a few “I’ve done this” and “He told me” discussions. In other words, the god He seemed to be worshiping was “I” and “me”. He still maintains a huge following.

To many, this preacher was their idol. It was what they wanted to hear in this feel-good, “you’re okay I’m okay” society.

I think my point is the gods we see every day are not statues we bow to but are people and ideas that can really lead us astray. Putting Christian or Bible-believing in front of the person or idea doesn’t help us in being able to identify truth.

It’s a very crazy world out there. Be very careful who you give your allegiance to.

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