Go In Peace

“Go in peace,” Elisha said. 2 Kings 5:19

This phrase is used throughout the Bible. In many Middle Eastern cultures, this is your “good bye.” It’s such a pleasant, relaxing phrase. If you want to bless a Jew, merely utter the words Shabbat Shalom on a Friday afternoon. “Have a peaceful Sabbath rest.” You might say it coming and going to a Muslim. Salaam is Arabic for peace.

But this devotional isn’t about greetings; it’s about the word ‘peace.’

Are we as Believers at peace? I’m not referring to the eternal peace of knowing Christ and resting in that, but the inner peace that comes from a clear conscience and the peace that comes from knowing we don’t have to work and work and work to be accepted by God. Often those two peaces are in constant conflict. You can be busy and still be at peace. Likewise, you can lead a boring life but still be restless inside. The world beyond our church walls is desperately seeking that internal and eternal peace.

If we’re experiencing that internal turmoil, perhaps it’s best we slow down and ask why there’s internal strife.

And it may be the toughest thing we do all year.

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