Goodness and Joy

She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:12

Now we get a chance to see the various ways a woman brings joy and fulfillment into her husband’s life.

This characteristic isn’t so much of what she does than of what she is, and it is the result of years and years of cultivating her own goodness. Joy doesn’t come to someone overnight, with perhaps the exception of the salvation experience. Joy comes when a woman, in this instance, is constantly seeking God and His wisdom, and striving to be all that God wants her to be.

I know it sounds vague, but when a wife exhibits those qualities, she is nearly guaranteed to bring joy into her husband’s life. I say “nearly guaranteed” because only a foolish husband would not recognize these Godly qualities in his wife (and unfortunately there are plenty of foolish husbands out there). In this way, the wife brings her husband good and joy. The husband is then very likely to return that joy and goodness.

The opposite is also true. If the wife nags (even about spiritual things) and cajoles and leads a joyless life, it will also have an effect on her husband. Likewise, when the husband doesn’t encourage the wife and criticizes her, his attitude can affect hers.

So in both scenarios, the attitudes can have a profound effect on how the other reacts.

Obviously it’s a much more pleasant experience to exhibit a joyous attitude. It’s better all the way around.


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