Live in harmony with one another. Romans 12:16

If the Church in America needed a theme, this might be it. With so many churches and denominations that split over the “minorest” of things, it’s a wonder there’s anything left of the church.

The world is fond of telling everyone that we need to celebrate our differences. Then let’s do it!

Here’s the thing. You and I understand the internal workings of a church and realize there will be “bumps and bruises” along the way. “Out there” though, they don’t see what we see. They see bickering, nitpicking, grumpy old church goes who just can’t get along. Don’t think for a moment that the beer-guzzling miner isn’t paying attention. Don’t think for a moment the newest legal beagle straight out of law school isn’t paying attention.

Based on what I’m seeing in culture, financial work, and politics, Believers will be facing some very dark and tough times in the near future. Living in harmony means being able to accept that you can’t do everything, and to focus on your task.

To illustrate, the four men in this video cannot sing all four parts – nor should they try! It’s not their job. Their job is to listen to the other parts and to harmonize with them. None of the parts is the most important because they must all work together to make this song happen. (By the way, you will want to listen to the whole song because the ending will amaze you).
Harmonizing Done Right

And by the way, does it really matter in eternity if your church carpeting is dark blue or green? How about both?


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