He Knew Their Thoughts

Jesus knew their thoughts…” Matthew 12:25

Jesus was getting ready to heal the man with a demon, and the Pharisees were indignant. They said he could only drive out demons by Beelzebub, the prince of demons. Earlier in the chapter the Scripture states that these same Pharisees were plotting on how they might kill Jesus.

But Jesus knew their thoughts. He knew what caused them to get to this point. He knew the anger and frustration they must have felt at someone trying to “muscle in” on their territory, so to speak. He knew who was behind their vile thoughts about him. And he also knew that they didn’t care a wit about the demon-possessed man or the man with the shriveled hand earlier in the chapter.

Jesus knew their thoughts. He knew just how far those thoughts would take them.

Two thousand years later, Jesus still knows our thoughts. He knows our frustrations and anger and joys and pains. He knows the unkind rumor we think just before it comes out of our mouths. He knows what we're capable of, both good and bad.

And yet, incredibly, He still loves us.

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