He Knows Our Thoughts

2 You know when I sit and when I rise;
you perceive my thoughts from afar. Psalm 139:2

Even as I type this, I realize that God knows what I’ll type before it gets to the keyboard. As I was thinking about what to write, He knows those thoughts.

He knows when we go for the middle of the night ice cream, and he knows what you’re thinking when that out of state driver cuts you off.

He doesn’t have to be physically present to know my thoughts. He’s God, and therefore completely outside my physical realm.

We can’t fully wrap our minds around an omniscient, omnipresent God. We barely know if we’ll be home for supper tonight! But even God is there, and He knows full well when you’ll be home, what kind of mood you’ll be in, and what you’ll say to your spouse.

I write all of that to say this: even our thoughts are not private. Depending on your perspective, that’s either a comfort or a worry. The question then becomes, are we thinking rightly about things or has the world skewered our thinking?

This is the second verse to commit to memory. I implore you to let these words soak into your heart. The Spirit of God will use them…for His glory.

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