He Laughs

“Let us break their chains,” they say, “and throw off their fetters.” The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. Psalm 2:3-4

As I’ve been discussing for the past week, God is in control. Consider the story of a five-year-old playing basketball with his 6’10” brother. When the little boy says to his older brother, “I’m gonna stomp on you,” the older brother has little reaction but to laugh. It’s totally preposterous that a boy who cannot even tie his shoes can win against his older, taller brother.

But, isn’t it amazing when the enemies of God threaten to do away with Him! He laughs at them. He laughs at the nations who seek to redefine and minimize Him. He laughs at those who would want to “hold Him accountable” as if Almighty God needs to answer to his creation. He laughs at man’s education and intellect and knowledge and ability to reason. They’ve reasoned God himself out of their society, then turn around to blame and curse Him for every malady that comes their way.

Soon, though, the laughter will halt and God will judge the deeds and misdeeds of a nation and its people. No nation will be excluded. No person will be exempted. It’s certainly a sobering thought if you have no Fear of the Lord or of holy judgment. Yes, God is a God of love and mercy and grace and forgiveness. But He’s also a Righteous Judge (Jeremiah 11:20, Psalm 96:13).

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