Heads Up!

11 May the groans of the prisoners come before you; with your strong arm preserve those condemned to die. Psalm 79:11

Asaph seems to be referring to the Israelites being in bondage to the Babylonians or Egyptians; it’s not clear. In any event, the prisoners were humbled through the experience as they cried out to God.

It has often been said, “Be humble before you are humiliated.” Those are strong words indeed. When you’re in captivity, you have nowhere else to look but up. When you are free, you can look all around in 100 different ways. That’s what free will is all about. We don’t have to look up, but we certainly can.

When we hear the phrase “heads up!” it usually is accompanied by something flying through the air and is very close to us. It’s usually a mistake of some sort. It’s a synonym for “Attention!” Normally when we hear Heads Up, we do the exact opposite and cover our heads because something could very easily hit is in a few seconds.

It’s too bad we don’t hear this phrase when we are becoming more prideful. Maybe there’s an app for it.

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