Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

13 Make them like tumbleweed, my God, like chaff before the wind. Psalm 83:13

Asaph’s point in this verse was to remind us of the temporary nature of rulers. Even at their best, they rule for 60 years. If they are a part of a dynasty, it could last for hundreds of years, but each have to account for their own shortcomings and manners of justice. Their grasp on power is fleeting at best. However, when you’re in the midst of the unjust rulers (i.e., persecution for your faith), you don’t really care that their rule is temporary. In those situations, as far as you’re concerned the injustice will last forever.

Not only are rulers’ lives fleeting, but so is ours. We realize this when we hear about the death of someone close who “died too early.”

I think if we realized this, we’d watch less TV, complain less, spend less time online, enjoy life more, work less, smell the flowers more often, smile and laugh more, pray more, and just enjoy life much more.

We could implement any one of those items today and our lives would change radically.

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