His Patience

37 their hearts were not loyal to him, they were not faithful to his covenant.
38 Yet he was merciful; he forgave their iniquities and did not destroy them. Time after time he restrained his anger and did not stir up his full wrath.
39 He remembered that they were but flesh, a passing breeze that does not return. Psalm 78:37-39

We’re a pitiful bunch, aren’t we? The Lord realizes our weaknesses and rescues us. He considers us a passing breeze.

What would happen, though, if we did “stir up his full wrath?” What would that look like? We probably don’t want to find out. In fact I’m sure of it. We’ll see it one day and worship Him for not putting us through it. Of course it wasn’t because of anything we have done to deserve or earn it.

The takeaway today is simple: God is patient – very patient. But He certainly doesn’t ignore what we do or what others do. He just has that an infinite amount of patience. Even though we live in quite the upside down world today with a “right is wrong,” “up is down,” “good is bad” mentality, one day it will all be made right.

One day.

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