How Fleeting Is My Life?

“Show me, O LORD, my life’s end and the number of my
days; let me know how fleeting is my life.”
Psalm 39:4

As a new year approaches, it’s important for us to step back
to take a broader look at our lives and see how we’re doing. If you’re like me,
when you’re seeking to know God’s specific will for your life (“what do you
want me to do now, Lord?” would be one of those specific prayers in trying to
discern His specific will), it’s like we’re driving in a dense fog. You may
have traveled down that road a thousand times, but when the fog comes, it’s a
chore just to stay between the lines in the road. We’re often in that fog and
while we know God is all around us, we’re so concentrating on the now that we
miss the bigger picture. True, often we’re not privy to the Big Picture right
now, but we can still get a glimpse at it.

So what are these Big Picture things? Even though we may not
realize it now, we won’t be around in sixty or seventy years. Once we’ve lived this
life, it’s gone, over, finished. Big Picture things are things that will last:
relationships, family, friends, character, integrity. Obviously there are more. If we can view that verse in light of these Big Picture things, how are we doing? Could we be doing better? Do you think God is pleased with your progress thus far?

And just as dense fog gives way to blazing sunshine, we’ll
wake up one day and realize exactly what God was trying to do while you were in
the fog of life. Keep at it; keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing fine.

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