How’s Your Serve?

Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” Matthew 20:26

James, John, and the remaining ten disciples were arguing about who was the greatest. Actually, the ten were upset at James and John for trying to secure a special place in the Kingdom of Heaven. Though the text doesn’t say it, I presume at least a few of the ten were indignant because they weren’t quick enough to ask! It’s a very human thing to want.

But Jesus set them all in their places. If you want to be great, serve others. That’s it. It’s certainly not what the world teaches. The world tells us to be great first then you’ll be able to serve humanity. Or “look out for Number One because no one else will be looking out for you.” What an upside down kingdom we’re a part of.

It’s a very basic lesson to us all: if you want to be great in the Kingdom, serve.

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