If We Had Our Way…

The Righteous One takes note of the house of the wicked and brings the wicked to ruin. Proverbs 21:12

It’s an age-old question: why do the wicked prosper? Why does it seem like many who are truly vile get away with murder, and sometimes literally? If we had our way…well, that’s just the point, isn’t it? Thankfully, we aren’t God and our judgement certainly isn’t just. We do what we can but even so it’s feeble at best because we have infallible attorneys, judges, and defendants.

But, as the old song goes, “There’s gonna be a Great Day…” All the time we spent fretting over the fate of the wicked will have been in vain. The Judgement Day will come. The wicked will be brought to ruin. I’m afraid it won’t be a pretty sight at all, and we’ll probably be dancing in the street, not because we care so little about the fate of the wicked, but because of God’s righteous and perfect judgement.

Yes, there will be a Great Day but until that time comes, we do what we can to confront and dissuade the wicked.


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