In Hiding

When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding; but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive. Proverbs 28:28

Both parts of this verse seem obvious to most people. The problem comes when people define and redefine the world ‘wicked.’ It’s never the person they happen to be following at the moment. I mean, after all, would you ever admit to following a wicked person? Of course not.

Today, though, let’s talk about the people in hiding because I don’t think they get talked about enough. They don’t have to argue about whether or not the leader is wicked; their hiding accents the obvious.

According to Open Doors International, the top ten countries in terms of persecutions against Christianity are as follows.

1.  North Korea
2.  Iran
3.  Afghanistan
4.  Saudi Arabia
5.  Somalia
6.  Maldives
7.  Yemen
8.  Iraq
9.  Uzbekistan
10. Laos

In all of these countries the underground church (i.e., the church that meets without the government knowing about it) is in hiding. In most of those same countries the church is thriving in terms of growth and discipleship. Still, the daily battles they face are fierce and heavy. It tries a man’s soul and wears a person down

Pray that the Church will continue to grow and be blessed.

Pray that they will continue to be bold and courageous. Make it a point this week to find out a little about one of those countries above and pray accordingly.

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