Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did.” So when the Samaritans came to him, they urged him to stay with them, and he stayed two days. And because of his words many more became believers. They said to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.” John 4:39-41

God can use anyone at any time and in any manner He chooses as the Woman at the Well is revealing in this passage. Some believed because of her testimony but others were intrigued by it. They had to overcome two major hurdles: (1) the fact that it was an immoral woman telling the story, and (2) she was telling the story about a Jewish preacher. When they finally went out to see the man in person, He “sealed the deal” for many others.

It’s not a secret that we all have testimonies. We have testimonies (or should have) of what God is doing in our lives yesterday and today. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering or full of pretentious words. And it certainly doesn’t have to be preachy, just one person telling another about a fantastic God.

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