It Is Good to Praise the Lord

It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High, Psalm 92:1

This world would be a very sorry place without music. Consider the millions of songs that have been written and performed around the world throughout the history of time. Even the loud and obnoxious music has a certain quality about it. You and I may not like it (because it sounds like cats screeching and angry people yelling) but some people do. By the same token, the loud music people cannot understand classical, blues, or jazz. But those music genres have their own following as well.

So, whenever you get a chance, make music to the Lord. In your car, on a walk, at the gym, in your home, make music to the Lord.

There really is no “downside” to singing and making a joyful noise to God Almighty.

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