John the Precursor

19 Now this was John’s testimony when the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask him who he was. 20 He did not fail to confess, but confessed freely, “I am not the Messiah.”

21 They asked him, “Then who are you? Are you Elijah?”

He said, “I am not.”

“Are you the Prophet?”

He answered, “No.”

22 Finally they said, “Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?”

23 John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’”

John 1:19-23

News of John the Baptist came to the leaders in Jerusalem so they sent some leaders out to question him.

John pointed to Jesus in all he did and said. He was clear that he was not the Messiah.

God sends people out as precursors to what He wants to do, as John got the path ready later we will learn that some are the ones who sow to get the seed ready and others are those who reap the harvest.

Don’t discount the things that God wants you to do.

John in humility pointed the way to Jesus, not to himself.

We can learn from John to walk humbly and point the way to Jesus.

Let God provide the increase and the fruit.

It is good to focus on just being a light and obedient in the moments we live.

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