Joy and Victories

The king rejoices in your strength, Lord.
How great is his joy in the victories you give! Psalm 21:1

In the midst of David’s battles, he always had time to acknowledge the Lord and the strength He provided. The battles we face are very different than what David faced, though I suspect we face the same spiritual battles: ungratefulness, apathy, frustrations when he wasn’t going from victory to victory, hopelessness, and despair to name a few. I’m sure he had “where are you, God?” moments just like we do.

One thing to note, though, in this passage is that David recognized his victories and was joyful about it. Do you recognize your victories when they occur or are they just another hurdle you jumped to get through the day? I believe that recognizing victories when we see them is more than half the battle. The other part to the equation is what you do with the victory when you see it.

Now, in reality, that “joy” may just be a smile, but enough smiles throughout the day because of the little victories will go a long way to producing the inner peace and joy we so desire.

Then, like King David, you can truly rejoice at the number of victories He’s handed you.

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  1. amen! the enemy doesn’t want us to see the victories…then he has room to convince us that God isn’t with us and that he isn’t as great as we know he is. But when look for every victory, we are showing the enemy just how great God really is!

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