Just Like That!

Then Jehoahaz sought the LORD’s favor, and the LORD listened to him, for he saw how severely the king of Aram was oppressing Israel. 2 Kings 13:4

From the previous verse we see that the LORD God had allowed Israel to be subject to Hazael. Then a strange thing happens: the king of Israel requests the LORD’s favor.

And the LORD granted Israel favor! Just like that.

There is a fantastic principle here that sinners and saints all need to learn over and over again. When we come to God in humility, He is ready to “work with us.” He knows that sin is a cruel task master and demands more than we want to give.

Now I know that the price that Jesus paid on the cross was his own death. But not long after we have been saved (probably minutes), pride creeps in (and doesn’t ever go away). Our selfish desires and greed and pride should be continually at the foot of the Cross, but it’s not. Then we realize yet again that we’re “not all that” and humble ourselves before God’s throne. His response? He welcomes us back again.

So, whether you’ve been a Believer in Jesus for 50 years or just asked Him into your life yesterday, He welcomes you to the Cross. Daily. Hourly. Moment by Moment.

Just like that!

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