Full Treasuries

bestowing wealth on those who love me and making their treasuries full. Proverbs 8:21

Is your personal treasury full of wisdom? What’s interesting about this is that when you hear of the rich and famous, you know who they are and they flaunt their success and wealth (some more than others).

But you will rarely find a wise person flaunting that wisdom like a fur coat or a diamond necklace. Quietly, secret, these people are influencing a few people at a time. You’ll never know their names but they exist. Occasionally you’ll hear one of their “students” mention the name but it means nothing to us because we’ve never heard of him.

And that is what you call supreme wisdom, and it’s just as rare as the choicest of gold and diamonds.

So, in order to do all of that, we need wisdom. And we get wisdom by asking for it.

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