Keep Asking the Question

12 He did miracles in the sight of their ancestors in the land of Egypt, in the region of Zoan.
13 He divided the sea and led them through; he made the water stand up like a wall.
14 He guided them with the cloud by day and with light from the fire all night.
15 He split the rocks in the wilderness and gave them water as abundant as the seas;
16 he brought streams out of a rocky crag and made water flow down like rivers. Psalm 78:12-16

Asaph reminded his readers (through song) of the major events in the lives of the Israelites. Those listening to this music would have understood right away what Asaph was referencing. Those were huge miracles for such a tiny nation.

So why did He do it? Why did He choose Israel to be His chosen people? Jews have been asking that question for thousands of years. It all boils down to the same question we ask ourselves, “Why us? What have we ever done to deserve such mercy?”

It’s the same question Billy Graham said he’s going to ask God when he gets to heaven: “Why did you choose to use a good ol’ North Carolina boy like You did?”

Keep asking the question and marveling about God’s goodness.

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