Keep Asking

Ask and it will be given to you… Matthew 7:7

My friend used to say, “if you don’t ask, the answer’s ‘no.’” He always paused, then said, “and the answer just might be’‘yes.’” In other words, you need to ask before you think that something could never happen.

But Scripture doesn’t stop there. Further in the passage, Jesus states, “For everyone who asks receives…” This has to be one of the most abused Scriptures in the New Testament.

“Claim your mansion!”
“You deserve a BMW because God told you to ask!”
“God wants you rich.”

We call it the “name it and claim it Gospel.” And it is totally unbiblical. So what is this passage teaching us? Pray. Keep asking. Keep knocking on that door. Keep praying for breakthroughs in your life. Keep asking for wisdom and direction and clarity and faithfulness and love. If you keep asking for those things, you will have no need to ask God for the BMW or the mansion.

You will be richer than that.

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