Lay Your Burden Down

7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

This is one of those verses that should be ingrained in our hearts and repeated hourly.

As one of my professors drilled into us, we take on more burdens than we were made to bear.

I think if we’re honest, we think that maybe God can’t handle this problem since it’s still ongoing. Of course we would never say that out loud but our actions certainly speak louder than those unspoken words.

So, here’s the thing: God does not get tired of hearing about

that one dread,

that one wayward child,

that one besetting sin,

that one unreasonable boss,

that one unspoken prayer request you keep mum about in your small group.

We may get tired of telling Him over and over again, but He doesn’t get tired of hearing it. Why? Because we are doing our best to communicate with Him

Throw or hurl that concern, burden, care, anxiety upon Him with all your might. And do it again tomorrow. Ease your burden. Lay it down again and again if you have to.

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