Lift Jesus Higher

17 When this became known to the Jews and Greeks living in Ephesus, they were all seized with fear, and the name of the Lord Jesus was held in high honor. Acts 19:17

It’s not often that you read about Jesus being held in high honor among non-Believers. That honor lasts as long as governing officials don’t find out about it. People obviously saw a power greater than the power of evil.

It’s happening all over the world even as I write this. We may not see it in the West, but it’s happening. It goes something like this.

  1. Something miraculous happens.
  2. Word gets out.
  3. People flock to see what’s happening.
  4. People then ask questions.
  5. Believers explain what’s happening.
  6. Government officials find out about it.
  7. Believers may now be in prison for embarrassing the officials.
  8. What comes next is crucial: the onlookers (mostly Unbelievers) question why the government would beat and throw such people in prison.
  9. The onlookers are not satisfied until they find out the truth.

The countries may vary and some of the details change a bit, but it’s a cycle that few in the West have ever heard about or witnessed firsthand.

We still have the opportunity to “lift Jesus higher” wherever we are.

  • how we drive
  • how we treat wait staff
  • how we complain (or don’t)
  • how we treat strangers

These are not earth-shattering or miraculous activities. Anything you can do to get people asking you, “I want what you have; how do I get it?” is worth the time and effort to do.

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