Look Up

Even in laughter the heart may ache, and joy may end in grief. Proverbs 14:13

Are we ever fully prepared for those life-changing moments in our lives: the call from the police at 3am about one of your kids, the dear dear relative who passed away in her sleep, the drunk driver who swerved and killed a friend, the unexpected divorce papers in the mail? It’s painful enough to see it happen to others, and incredibly devastating when it happens to us.

The joy is gone from the eyes; only pain remains. The blank stare replaces the once ever-present smile and good-hearted nature. It happens to us all at different stages in our lives, and we’re never quite prepared to deal with it, but we do. Somehow. In some way.

There are others in your life right now who are experiencing that pain; pray for them. Let them know you are there for thm.

For some, you are right in the midst of those horrendous moments and even as you read this, you can no longer tolerate the pain.

Look upwards, my friend, look up. Call someone. Reach out to someone even though that’s the last thing you really want to do. But most of all, look up.

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