Look What God is Doing

Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind! Psalm 66:5

One of the exciting things about preaching the Gospel in a culture that has never known the Gospel before is the newness and freshness of faith. I recall telling a few Mongolian friends that there was going to be a special movie (The Cross and the Switchblade) at the theater on such and such date. We got there and the theater was already packed. People were clamoring outside just to get in. Unfortunately we had to turn people away because there just wasn’t enough room.

They were hungry for the truth after being under the Soviet’s thumb for 70 years. They wanted to know the truth. They wanted to see, as the Psalmist said, what God has done.

I am convinced that people are looking for truth and authenticity. It’s not necessary to “be one of the guys” to prove a point, but people want consistency. When they find that, and when they are in trouble, they’ll come to you because they’ve seen God work in your life.

This 1980s song by Scott Wesley Brown encourages us to see God’s work all around us.


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