Looking at the Heart

19 Once you spoke in a vision,
to your faithful people you said:
“I have bestowed strength on a warrior;
I have raised up a young man from among the people.
20 I have found David my servant;
with my sacred oil I have anointed him. Psalm 89:19-20

David was probably around 15 when the Lord anointed him to be king. He had to wait more than fifteen years to actually take the throne. David was Jesse’s youngest son of eight boys. In a typical Hebrew family he would have been the last chosen to do anything significant. Those honors went to the oldest first and trickled down to the youngest. The brothers must have been flabbergasted when Samuel went looking for David.

The obvious lesson here is that God really doesn’t look at the externals. Unfortunately, though, we live in a culture that emphasizes the externals to the extreme. Tanning salons, beauty salons, nail salons, fitness centers, plastic surgery, dieting programs, weight loss programs, and extreme makeovers are all indicators of a society obsessed with how you look.

Is it possible that the emphasis on the externals is because people don’t want to face the internals? Perhaps.

But God looks at the heart.

You know that. We all know that, but still we get sucked in. It’s all around us.

But God examines the heart.

Remember that very important point as you go through your day.

God looks at the heart.

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