Love a Quarrel, Do Ya?

He who loves a quarrel loves sin; he who builds a high gate invites destruction. Proverbs 17:19

Have you ever heard anyone say they like to get into a good argument “to get the juices flowing?” I find the first half of the verse intriguing. No one wants to admit that they love sin as this verse points out. I don’t think the writer is talking about a healthy debate on a chosen subject. I think he’s referring to the angry arguments we get into on occasion with our spouse, children, relatives, etc. It’s the mean-spirited way and bitter we disagree.

Elsewhere Scripture reminds us that we can “be angry but sin not” Ephesians 4:26. There are many things in life that we should be truly angry over (major evils such as rape, murder, genocide, etc. in the world), but the little things (the things in which you will not remember a year from now) should just be let go.

Those dishes that didn’t get washed? Small. The room that didn’t get cleaned? Small. Starving people in the world? Big thing.

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  1. Recently I became angry over something that was small, however I took it to the Lord and he defused me. I think a lot of arguments could be avoided if we would take time to think and pray instead we as humans tend to act on impulse.

    Peace, <

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