Love Always Hopes

[love] always hopes, 1 Corinthians 13:7

When people lose hope, they shrivel up. We see this for people who have been married for fifty years and one of the mates passes away. The other person loses hope and often dies within weeks or months. Their hope is that they would spend all of their years together, never realizing that they probably wouldn’t die together.

Hope is that but it’s also us looking forward to eternal life with Christ.

In fact, that’s the hope we need to focus on. We all can agree that this world is seriously messed up. Wars, hunger, persecution, bankrupt nations and families, human trafficking, drug epidemic, and a whole host of other bad activities exist that would make us long for heaven.

When you share hope with others, you plant seeds that could produce fruit for generations.

Remember, everyone you meet is not as altogether as you think they might be. They/We put on game faces all the time.

Share hope with those you meet. People are often receptive when they experience loss and are “down on their luck,” so to speak. A smile and kind words go a long way. As we saw back in the Book of Proverbs, kind words spoken at just the right time in someone’s life can be life-changing.

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