Love Always Trusts

[Love] always trusts, 1 Corinthians 13:7

Trust is so easy to earn and very difficult to regain after it’s been lost. But it’s also something we crave from others.

Think about businesses. They want you to trust that they’ll treat you right. After you lose trust in a business, you probably won’t go back there again.

Trusting God should be easier than it is, but many of us struggle with trusting Him when we really can’t see the outcome.

But, but, but.

The big unspoken question is, “But what if He doesn’t come through for me?” I know it sounds unspiritual and even unChristian to say that but some are experiencing that right now. You trust Him, but it’s not turning out the way you really want.

Love always trusts.

  • We trust that He has our best interests at heart in whatever He does.
  • We trust that He’s a good and righteous God.
  • We trust that we’ll meet Him face to face and be able to answer all those questions that went unanswered in this life.

We love God; therefore, we trust Him.

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