Love is Kind

love is kind. 1 Corinthians 13:4

Kindness is a very underrated quality. It has been said that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was a very mean executive. He would not hesitate in firing people who did not do his bidding. His style inspired many others to do the same, but at what cost?

I regularly tweet out this to my followers:

Always be a little kinder than necessary. – James M. Barrie

It’s a great quote because we all could use a little more kindness in our day. We live in a rough world, and people are not getting nicer. They’re getting meaner.

But today’s Scripture underscores the need to be kind because that’s a part of love. I have to go back to people often and apologize for my harsh words. I have to work at kindness in many instances.

I imagine Jesus was the ultimate kind person on earth. Kind to children. Kind to women. Kind to men who were not abusing the law. And even kind to his enemies. He certainly provided a model for us.

So now as we begin our day, we have the admonition to be kind. Consider others today and show more kindness than usual. Do the same tomorrow. And the next day.

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