But the fruit of the Spirit is love. Galatians 5:22-23

These next verses are in direct contrast to the previous two verses that talk about acts of the sinful nature. Paul is simply saying that when you have the Spirit of God living in you, these are the attributes you should have. Just like a fruit has many attributes (color, texture, aroma, taste, shape, sweetness) so should our lives with the Spirit of God in control.

The first attribute that Paul mentions is love. Entire libraries could be filled with books and poems about love. Think of all the songs that talk about it. With all the printed and recorded material on the subject of love, it still eludes us. We still find it very difficult to practice even among fellow Believers. Instead we see gossip, backbiting, anger, rage, feeling like we’ve been wronged and a whole host of other negative and destructive emotions.

And yet, we are to love. Love when it doesn’t make sense. Love when it costs us to do so. Love when it would be easier to tear down. Love when the rest of the world around you hates.

So, I’ll ask the question I’ll ask of all the other attributes: do I love more today than I did a year ago? Five years ago? If not, why not?

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