Lovers of Themselves

People will be lovers of themselves, 2 Timothy 3:2a

It has been said that most people are not opposed to you but all about themselves. That means that people are more concerned about what you did to affect and change their lives than they are about you.

We’re seeing that in the Millennium generation. We see that in Hollywood, Nashville, and in Washington DC. Policitians are rarely interested in their constituents. They are, however, more concerned about their next re-election.

You see this attitude displayed blatantly in the homosexual community in their pride parades.

As believers we are called to love and care for others. Certainly we need to take care of ourselves when we’re sick, and we are to provide for our families. But God wants us to go much deeper than that. People are hurting, and you can see it in the way they express themselves. Despite their angst and frustrations, they want people to notice, to pay attention to them.

Lend a helping hand or a kind word to someone who is in love with himself/herself. A smile and a prayer will go a long way.

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