31 Envoys will come from Egypt; Cush will submit herself to God. Psalm 68:31

Many believe Cush to be modern day Sudan or Ethiopia. It was generally thought to be land on either or both sides of the Red Sea or the Upper Nile region. It’s important to know that because right now, those are countries with 95% Muslim populations. That area of the world, though, is in turmoil as I write this. Sudan has not been stable for a long time. Its leader, Omar al-Bashir is ruthless and cruel towards any Believers in the country. Egypt is in chaos. Saudi Arabia is at war with Yemen. It seems like the whole region is one huge powder keg. Of course, Israel is always in jeopardy from all of its neighbors.

So there will be peace in the region, but not without a lot of political and military upheaval first. One day all adherents to Islam will bow before God Almighty. So while it looks like a lost cause, Jesus Christ will one day reign supreme. One way or another all knees will bow. We only hope and pray it is because their hearts have changed.

Pray for that region. Pray for those few Believers who continue to take a stand against the sin and lawlessness of those lands. Pray for boldness.

Maranatha! (which means, O Lord, Come!)

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