Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

He who answers before listening, that is his folly and his shame. Proverbs 18:13

Listening is a skill that doesn’t get a lot of attention in our world (as compared to speaking). Often we are doing other things while talking to others and they don’t get our best attention, which is sad. I had a friend who used to prove that point by interjecting the words Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck while speaking to someone with diverted attention. His point was this: “if I’m taking the time to talk to you, please give me your undivided attention.”

Similarly, we all know people – and we all fit into this category at one time or another, some more than others – who (1) finish someone’s sentence before that person is finished, or (2) answer that person before they’ve heard everything about the problem or the question. The Bible says it foolish to do so, though if you’re in the habit of doing it, it’s difficult to break.

Today and through this week, ask God to help you to truly to listen to others for what they have to say may just be what you need to hear.

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