13 Your name, Lord, endures forever,
your renown, Lord, through all generations.
14 For the Lord will vindicate his people
and have compassion on his servants. Psalm 135:13-14

I often stop and wonder if there is a generation being raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord. There is, but it’s still unclear how strong it will be and how on fire it will be. I see little things but nothing to suggest a major “stirring” of Millennials as it relates to the Church and biblical teachings.

And yet, the Lord’s renown will endure through all generations.

Pray for the next generation coming up through the ranks.

Pray that God will do a mighty work in those who are still in high school and college.

Pray also that solid, God-fearing leadership will, like cream in a barrel, rise to the top and take charge.

Pray that we Baby Boomers and subsequent generations will accept the leadership the Lord is preparing for the coming days.

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