Miracles and Healing

then miracles, then gifts of healing, 1 Corinthians 12:28

I merge these two roles together because one has an element of the other. We don’t think much of these two roles unless we’re getting prayed for in an altar call. God still heals and He still performs miracles. And God still uses people to pray for healing and miracles. Unfortunately, the television charlatans have made a mockery out of the two roles because the healings and miracles are often tied to giving.

How tragic!

The good news however is if there are false healers and miracles workers, there are true ones too. They won’t be flashy or on television. They’ll be working in the local church, humble and full of the spirit of God. They won’t need to be flashy because they will be working to build up the church. May God bless those who have this calling.

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