Miraculous Powers

10 to another miraculous powers, 1 Corinthians 12:10

These next few gifts are powerful if abused. In fact, the gift of miraculous powers can easily be seen in the dark underworld that satan inhabits. We just observed one of those days, Halloween, a few days ago. Think about what it took to get hundreds of millions of people to believe that it was a good idea to dress up one day a year in the goriest costumes of the year…and have fun doing it! I’d call that powerful. Because it’s a powerful gift, miraculous powers should be exercised with caution and accountability, and only when you know it’s God who’s leading.

I have personally never known anyone with the gift of miraculous powers. I’m not sure of the capabilities of this gift, but the evil one has successfully counterfeited this gift. As with some of these other gifts, we don’t need to see the miraculous to know that God is all powerful and sovereign. In other lands where the Gospel is still looking for inroads into the society, miraculous deeds may be what’s needed.

Let’s pray for those lands today. God’s continuing to raise up Believers and leaders who are fierce and strong, who do not bend by every little shift of the wind. Pray that God will use miraculous powers in the lives of Believers who need to see and experience them.

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