Moral Tailgating

Teach me your way, Lord;
lead me in a straight path
because of my oppressors.
Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes,
for false witnesses rise up against me,
spouting malicious accusations. Psalm 27:11-12

The world we live in constantly pushes us to do things we’d rather not do. It’s like driving down a road and going a bit above the speed limit. A car is directly on your tail and is pushing you to go faster. The lights flash and the horn honks for you to go faster. You know what you can tolerate but the car continues to intimidate and tail you. The car could easily go around but doesn’t. It’s pushing you to go faster and faster.

We see this kind of activity all over the world. Faulty belief systems are bearing down on you, but you’re holding fast. You’re doing what you know to be right but those systems are on your tail. Three or four are now behind you, and all horns blaring and all lights flashing you to conform.

So you compromise a bit just to appease, but they’re in back again. This time closer and louder than before.

In these verses, the oppressors are compelling David to go astray, off the straight and narrow. So far, he’s held them off but he knows where he can turn for help.

The world will never push you towards righteousness and holiness. Just the opposite is true. We have to recognize the attack is up on us, and we must devise a plan now so that when the attack comes, we will not be caught off guard. When others are pushing you to do things against what you believe and continue to mount the pressure, know that you have a direct path to the Lord to plead your case with Him.

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