My Way

38 But all sinners will be destroyed;
there will be no future for the wicked. Psalm 37:38

If you’ve ever met someone who jokes about going to Hell, you’ve met someone who does not understand Hell even a little. There is nothing remotely funny about an eternal Hell, and those who say they’ll be partying hard there are in for a very big surprise. Forget the flames and sulfur for a moment. There will be chaos and tumult and gnashing and envy and strife like nothing you’ve ever seen here on earth. Most importantly, though, the presence of God will NOT be there as a means of intervention. (Psalm 139:8 suggests He might be there in some form).

People will cry out but will not be heard by God. Instead there will be constant derision and mocking. After all, those who are there made a choice not to accept Christ’s salvation. The pride of those who thumbed their noses at God will be on full display. It will not be pretty.

So, what’s the takeaway today? We need to be very careful not to jest about an eternal Hell, even among ourselves. It’s not a funny place.

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