Name Dropping

As Jesus and his disciples were leaving Jericho, a large crowd followed him. Matthew 20:29

Have you ever seen a famous person on the street? It’s kind of a cool experience. To this day on occasion you’ll probably “drop a name” if given a chance. “Yeah, I rode the elevator with that guy.”

In the previous passage, we see the mother of James and John vying for her sons to take seats of honor in the coming Kingdom (and the remaining 10 disciples becoming angry about it). They all knew who Jesus was. The very thought of the Messiah being in their presence every day was phenomenal. I’m certain they too were name droppers.

“I walked to Jericho with THE Messiah.” That kind of story just begged a response: “What was it like? What did you talk about?” Then, the disciples could tell the full story. What an opportunity!

We too walk with the Messiah. We talk. We listen. We argue. We laugh. Then we have an opportunity to “name drop.”

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