No Consequences?

Her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to the grave. Proverbs 5:5

In every age and every society young men (and old) are seduced by beautiful women. It’s sad to see it happen but it occurs all around us. It’s especially sad to see when you’ve been around awhile and know the consequences that very few talk about: the confusion, the regrets, the “unwanted” pregnancies, the diseases, the cool lack of love, and the emotional baggage people carry into other more permanent relationships.

Often the teens cannot handle the emotional stress that comes with the territory. If you know a teen, pray for that young person. The pressures they face are incredible in this sex-crazed world we find ourselves in. Pray that God will protect them from making mistakes they’re regret for a long time. Pray that someone, maybe you, will come alongside to talk about the tough issues they are facing.

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