No Flashlights

15 Those who hate the Lord would cringe before him, and their punishment would last forever.
16 But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” Psalm 81:15-16

You don’t have to look far to see the God-haters in the world. They used to be a lot less visible than they are now. It’s a gain a sign of the Spirit of the Age. They think that they’ll never be held accountable for their words and actions. You can even see their “cringe” in your mind’s eye. They only do it because they are forced to, and I would venture to say it will come with a very bad attitude!

As you move about today, consider the plight of the godless. Depending on where you live and work, you may know quite a few. Don’t be taken aback by those who are vehemently opposed to the things of God. We really don’t know how God is moving in their hearts.

When I was a Scout, we went camping once. A few of us decided to do a late night jaunt up the side of the mountain. We’d shut off our flashlights occasionally and could see absolutely nothing in front of us. The whole way up and down the mountain I was cracking jokes and yukking it up. When we made it back to the cabin, our Scoutmaster said this, “I put a $20 bill at the top of that mountain. Anyone care to go get it WITHOUT your flashlight?” After a moment of dead silence, he said, “It’s what I thought. The loudest are often the most afraid.”

Some of those loud God-haters you know are probably scared to death that they may be wrong. Pray for them. Pray hard for them.

P.S. To this day I doubt there was a $20 bill up at the top of the mountain. That’s why I didn’t go up …

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