No Lefties Allowed

Save us and help us with your right hand, that those you love may be delivered. Psalm 60:5

The right hand in prophecy always referred to the Messiah. In this case it’s more than appropriate because only the Messiah could possibly be our Deliverer. David knew what he was up against but he also knew God the Deliverer.

What are you up against right now? Many reading this have their backs against the wall. For some it may be health issues; for some it may be financial, and still others you are in deep emotional pain because of people who have deeply hurt you. You feel there’s no way out of your situation without a miracle. If you were to look into your future, you’d just see one big dark, foggy mess.

Well, fortunately we serve a Deliverer who is much much bigger than our problems. I don’t say that glibly because I know the hurt this is out there. But like King David I also know God the Deliverer. You or I do not know the specifics of how or why or when we will be delivered but we know the Who of our deliverance.

Continue to trust in His faithfulness today. Take it one day at a time for his mercies are “brand spanking new” every morning.

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