No Loopholes, No Corruption

May you blow them away like smoke—as wax melts before the fire, may the wicked perish before God. Psalm 68:2

The Psalmist’s prayer will one day come true, but until then we live with enemies and the immediate consequences of their actions. In our flesh it feels good to want to repay the wicked for their wickedness. In some cases, justice on earth is served. Often, though, the guilty get a free pass. Fortunately, God doesn’t give out free passes to the guilty. Many people live as if there are little to no consequences to their actions; they are dreadfully wrong.

I speak often of that “one day.” Well, there will be a “one day” and the enemies of the Lord who have mocked Him and abused His children will pay a great price for their evil. I don’t know when or how or how much, but perfect justice will be served.

Take heart, my friends. The wickedness you see all around you and in the news will one day be dealt with. Man makes a feeble attempt at administering justice on earth. With loopholes, technicalities, and corrupt individuals, it’s difficult to see how any justice is served. As I stated in a different way earlier, thanks be to God, there are no loopholes, technicalities or corruption with God Almighty.

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