No Violence Here

not violent, Titus 1:7e

You have to wonder why Paul had to include this in his list of elder characteristics. Perhaps he was dealing with a violent culture in general, and it just naturally seeped into the church. This verses is similar to 1 Timothy 3:3. Gentleness is the rule of the day. There’s very little place for anger among leadership. Getting angry at gross injustices and societal abuses is completely legitimate. Getting upset and knocking a fellow believer down because he’s wrong is completely out of order.

Pray again for your pastor and his family. Pray that he will continue to exhibit gentleness and love over anger and violence. Pray that he has wisdom to speak peace over those who are violent in his presence. Pray that the Holy Spirit would engulf your pastor in peace and calmness as he walks in the Spirit of God.

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