Not a Lover of Money

not a lover of money. 1 Timothy 3:3d

If you look at the number of preachers – televangelists mainly – who have fallen because of the love of money, you’d be astounded.

We need money to exist; there’s no disputing that. But the world pushes us to want more. They say we don’t have enough. That’s what marketers do best. It’s in print and broadcast media, Hollywood, and Nashville. The temptation to want something better than you have is real.

Many men and women have been ruined by the effects of having a lot of money.

Pray for your pastor and his wife. Pray that they too will be content with what they have despite the constant bombardment of “not enough.”

A broader question, however, is this: do you have enough? Is what you have right now sufficient? Or do you need more? If so, why?

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