Not Lovers of the Good

[people will be] not lovers of the good, 2 Timothy 3:2l

As I go through each of these I see its prophetic words. When people call evil good and good evil, there’s a serious problem. Look at modern art. A dot on a canvas is art. A cross in a jar of urine is art. It boggles the mind at times. They’ve made a mockery of true art while calling reasonable and beautiful things ugly. We live in a very mixed up world.

We should come to expect this though we may no like it. One of our jobs is to continue to call good things good things, and to call profane things for what they are: profane. It’s not going to get any better.

Appreciate the beauty around you, whether it’s creation, art, music, or just fantastic people. Thank God for his creation and the beauty he’s created.

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