Now Get On With It

1 Praise be to the Lord my Rock,
who trains my hands for war,
my fingers for battle. Psalm 144:1

A number of years ago Dr. Stuart Briscoe and his wife Jill came to visit a number of missionaries in Tajikistan. When Dr. Briscoe was first starting out in the ministry, he worked for a man who was asking him to do something he thought he could never do. The man told Stuart bluntly, “God has gifted you to do this, man. Now get on with it.”

King David was a man of war. In order to stay alive, kings needed to be able to command their men while they oversaw them. Kings had a different gifting than their fighters or commanders had. David had a few men to command, while they had hundreds or thousands under their control. But David would have to give the command to begin action.

God had gifted David with the ability to make clear decisions in war based on insufficient and constantly changing information.

What has God gifted you to do? Are you living up to your potential in that regard? What would need to change in order to rise to the level of your giftings?

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